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Resources for Partners

The Engaging Youth Expertise (EYE) for Prevention campaign focuses on mental/behavioral health and substance misuse prevention for young people aged 13-25 in the Denver Metro Area. Built by youth who can directly relate to this struggle, this campaign is focused on using a holistic and trauma-informed lens to better understand what young people in our community are facing so, together, we can come up with creative and powerful ways to make a difference.

If you or your organization would like to join us in our mission to authentically engage young people throughout Denver and Colorado, we have tools and information to help get you started. Below, you’ll find color and style guides, ways to share our message on social media, downloadable templates, and more.

Style and Design Guide

Fonts and Colors

Whether you’re creating an Instagram post or printed flyer, here you’ll find everything that you need to make your design look good! We also have some posters ready to download, use, and share below.

Using the same colors and style will connect your content with our campaign.  We use the Montserrat font family, which can be downloaded from Google Fonts.


C0 M68 Y92 K0
R255 G108 B14
C81 M96 Y5 K1
R89 G44 B130
C0 M95 Y17 K0
R232 G31 B118
C82 M37 Y4 K0
R0 G131 B193
C42 M39 Y43 K22
R140 G130 B122
C19 M16 Y20 K1
R214 G209 B202




Style Guidelines

View and download our Style Guide.


Please include the Public Health Institute at Denver Health logo and a link back to us here at in your campaign.

Templates for Canva

Coming soon!

Join The Conversation

We’d love you to share our message

We invite you to copy and customize the example posts below to best suit your audience and your brand voice.

We want this project to be inclusive and safe for all participants. This campaign is about empowering young people from all walks of life and it aims to uplift marginalized voices and engage youth with diverse lived experiences and perspectives. While we encourage youth participants to be open and to have important conversations about identity, we will not support any content that is racist, homophobic, sexist, or hateful in any way.

Social Media Hashtags

Main hashtags to use on all posts: #strongerwithout

We have additional hashtags to help highlight different types of posts and content:

  • Data or facts about youth substance abuse: #curiousaboutcoping
  • Where to get help or resources of support: #betterwaystoheal
  • Youth voices and stories: #iammore and #howicope

Best Practices & Where to Share

  • Instagram: Share images, infographics, IGTV videos, IG lives, reels, and stories.
  • Facebook: Share posts, images, and videos.
  • Twitter: Share posts, images, and videos.
Example Email Template

We’re excited to partner with The Engaging Youth Expertise (EYE) for Prevention campaign in their effort to engage young people throughout Denver and Colorado. This campaign is focused on mental and behavioral health and substance misuse prevention for young people aged 13-25 in the Denver Metro Area.

It’s important for these young people to know that they are not alone in their struggles, that they can choose themselves over using, and that there are other ways to cope with the right resources. Our goal is to show them that they can find happiness, self-love, and support when they start to see their own substance over their substance use.

Learn more at

Data-Based Social Media Post Example

56.5% of Colorado teens have used some form of illegal drug by the 12th grade. But there are better ways to cope, including meditation, exercise, art, and more. Even a small change can make a big difference. Remember, you are #strongerwithout. Learn more on our website – link in bio! #curiousaboutcoping

Resource-Sharing Social Media Post Examples

Finding a safe space to make a big change in your life can be overwhelming. We are here to help. Check out what we recommend for coping and mindfulness, including breathing exercises, free mindfulness apps, yoga exercises, and self-care strategies. Remember, there are #betterwaystoheal by putting you over using. Learn more on our website – link in bio! #strongerwithout

Finding your creative side can help you choose a healthier way to cope than using. Check out free resources to unleash your creativity like journaling exercises, free Canva graphic design, and organizations like Art from Ashes in Denver! Remember, there are #betterwaystoheal by putting you above using. Learn more on our website – link in bio! #strongerwithout

It’s ok to ask for help. That’s why we’ve gathered resources for you to find direct support in Denver, like Colorado Crisis Services, Drug Abuse Hotline, iMatterColorado, Mental Health First Aid Colorado, and more. Remember, there are #betterwaystoheal by putting you above using. Learn more on our website – link in bio! #strongerwithout

Life is full of choices, and you have the power to choose you over using. We’ve gathered resources to help you make the right decision when you find yourself in a tough situation. Learn more on our website – link in bio. #betterwaystoheal #strongerwithout

When you’re not using, you can get back to all of the things and people you love. Imagine who you can become by putting you above using. We can help you make healthy decisions when you’re in a tough situation – deciding to put yourself above using. Learn more on our website – link in bio. #betterwaystoheal #strongerwithout

By putting you above using, you can recommit to your health and happiness. You can do the things you love with the people you love. You can be the best version of yourself! And we can help – learn more through the link in our bio. #betterwaystoheal #strongerwithout

Downloads To Get You Started

Creative collateral for you to use

These files are print-ready and ready to share!

We would love to see how you’re using them: please tag #eyeforprevention in your photos and social media.



Posters are available in two sizes – click on the size you need to open and save a print-ready PDF.

  1. You’re Stronger Without (v1):
    Tabloid (11×17)| Letter (8.5×11)
  2. You’re Stronger Without (v2):
    Tabloid (11×17) | Letter (8.5×11)
  3. Get Curious About Coping:
    Tabloid (11×17) | Letter (8.5×11)


Instagram Posts

Click the links below to see images that you can save and post to your own Instagram:

Ready-To-Print Stickers

Coming soon!

Tools for Working with Youth

We’ve modeled our campaign on CDPHE’s Colorado Youth Engagement Continuum and Social Justice Youth Development Core Principles. We recommend using the below resources as guides for how to best engage youth in the community.


There are other ways to deal, and heal.

You are not alone.